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I'm a British/Portuguese visual artist that has created several courses for companies such as Walt Disney (UK and North America), Discovery Channel, Bank of America, Grosvenor Estates, Chiswick Park, National Portrait Gallery and Saatchi Gallery, amongst many other institutions in the UK and abroad. I am the first associate artist of Portugal's national museum of contemporary art.


I had the idea of creating this online Bargue Course as I felt that many beginners struggle with painting due to their lack of classical drawing skills. Realist artists from the 19th century learnt how to draw by eye, with accurate proportion. The Bargue Course was the most important drawing course of the 19th century! 


I paired with Renato Guerra (Creative Movie Solutions) and decided to film the very best Bargue Course currently available anywhere in the world. I believe we have achieved it! I hope you enjoy this journey.


You may find more about me on

Nelson Ferreira and the drawing materials used to make the Bargue Course.
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