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Drawing of the arm of Moses, by Michelangelo.

SATURDAYS 5-8pm UK time - 6 Zoom Group Lessons + 4h Video Tutorials

£430.00 Regular Price
£215.00Sale Price

6 sessions of group lessons over zoom, on Saturdays 5-8pm UK/Portugal time, August 10th - September 14th. 

(5-8pm UK time correspond to: 9am-12noon in Western USA/Canada, 12noon-3pm Eastern USA/Canada, 1-4pm in East Brazil, 6-9pm in Central Europe, 7-10pm Eastern Europe/Saudi Arabia). 

You will learn everything that you get from a classical atelier, saving time, and from the comfort of your home. Your ability to perceive and realistically render accurate proportion, shading, texture and mass will develop incredibly fast, regardless of your level. This course includes sections for beginners, common mistakes and also for advanced artists (including fine artists, modelers, animators, VFX designers). By the end of this intensive course, you will be able to draw realistic images with much more confidence.
Note: If you have already completed the Bargue Drawing Course, then you are welcome to join this very same class. You will be given level II exercises and use paints instead of charcoal. 

Over 4 hours of downloadable video lessons,
the most complete 19th century drawing techniques course to have ever been released.
Top quality cinematography and soundtrack, boosting the impact of the information conveyed. 4K Super HQ image, professional colour grading, superfine detail allowing for projections in art schools (auditoriums, theatres, lecture rooms). This collaboration with Creative Movie Solutions pushed the cinematography of online art classes to new levels. Gorgeous settings, inside a 19th century building. Super high-quality soundtracks, ranging from early vintage classical recordings (remastered by Pristine Classical) all the way to three world premieres especially composed for this course.

A unique link will be provided, once you purchase the course. You will receive the relevant chapter a week before the corresponding zoom lesson. 

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